Transition support for Veterans in Bay Area

                                                 Transition support for Veterans in Bay Area

Returning Veterans of Diablo Valley provides transition coaching, writing workshops, and a publishing platform to Veterans in service of cultivating community, healing, transformation, and leadership.


“I think that RVDV has figured out what Veterans value. It’s simple; a place to build community”. – Octavious Scott, U.S. Navy Veteran

Why can transitions be difficult?

“I want to start doing my homework.”

5th grader at Oak Grove Elementary 4/8/2019

As an educator myself, I understand the importance of giving students of all ages unique and captivating learning experiences; and the RVDV speaker’s bureau delivers.  Whether it be Veterans reading excerpts of personal war narratives, talking about confronting difficulty at home, question and answer sessions, presenting military artifacts, or simply reminding each student about their own inner brilliance and resources, as a teacher, you’ll be glad we came.

Semper Fidelis,

Ryan Berg

Marine Corps Combat Veteran

Creator, Returning Veterans of Diablo Valley

'Take off' with Returning Veterans of Diablo Valley

“The RVDV blog blows me away. The bravery of these Veterans to look at themselves and deal with their pain, especially publicly, amazes me.  For every misguided, negative response, I bet there are many more who are inspired, even if they don’t share it.  Thank you RVDV for what you are doing.” — Ehren Tool, Gulf War Marine Veteran, UC Berkeley staff and ceramic artist

“Each time I read the RVDV blog, I see bravery for putting that stuff out there because it might help someone else.” — Charlie Harrison, military Veterans Yoga teacher

This post is heartbreaking to read.  Your willingness to open and heal all of this is inspiring to me, as I wrestle with the physical loss of my mom, and the grief about the mother she was never able to be.”  — Doug Paxton, Ph.D., Leadership Studies Professor, Saint Mary’s College of California


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