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Do You Ever Feel Like A Part of You Died in Iraq?

This Veterans Day weekend I flew back to the Midwest from California to spend some time with the Marines that I served with in Iraq in 2004.  I stayed for three days with my squad leader from that deployment, and we had a chance to reconnect and celebrate the 243rd Marine Corps Birthday.  The first […]

Good Initiative, Bad Judgement

Good Initiative, Bad Judgement It was a bright and sunny morning in 2007, in Fallujah, Iraq, and a few men and I were tasked with helping to facilitate a “day of recruiting” for Iraqi police officers at the local police station. This wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for Marines – it required frisking, looking […]

A Seemingly Normal Day in Iraq

A Seemingly Normal Day in Iraq It was a seemingly normal day in Iraq on a foot patrol alongside a dozen of the deadliest men on the planet – my fellow U.S. Marines. We were about halfway finished with a foot patrol in downtown Mahmudiyah – a deadly little town that sat 20 miles south […]

Warrior. . . for Love

“No matter where you go in the world people are people and they all want many of the same things”…are words I spoke while standing in front of a large gathering in my hometown of Omaha, Nebraska after my first combat tour in Iraq as a U.S. Marine in 2005. While those words rang very […]