It’s hard for us military veterans to stay motivated on our own, because we don’t exist in a vacuum.

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Narrative, Transition and Leadership within the Veteran Community


The blog below is hosted by Returning Veterans of Diablo Valley. It provides a place to explore the practices and perspectives that are fundamental to enacting leadership that supports the transition from military service to civilian life in becoming less distressing and disruptive and more productive – that benefits veterans, those that support them, organizations and communities, and the world. With your participation, we intend for this blog to be an ongoing inquiry that contributes to the conversation: what kind of leadership is needed to best respond to the transition challenges and opportunities for today’s veterans, and how do we develop it in ourselves and in others?

RVDV invites you to provide us with your experiences, narratives of your military or civilian life, questions and reflections of how we develop a practice of leadership capable of effectively responding to the challenges that show up for the returning veteran community.

Good Initiative, Bad Judgement

It was a bright and sunny morning in 2007, in Fallujah, Iraq, and a few men and I were tasked with helping to facilitate a “day of recruiting” for Iraqi police officers at the local police station. This wasn’t anything out of the ordinary…

A Seemingly Normal Day in Iraq

It was a seemingly normal day in Iraq on a foot patrol alongside a dozen of the deadliest men on the planet – my fellow U.S. Marines. We were about halfway finished with a foot patrol in downtown Mahmudiyah – a deadly little town that…