It’s hard for us military veterans to stay motivated on our own, because we don’t exist in a vacuum.

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Philosophy and Mission

Returning Veterans of Diablo Valley (RVDV) is the name of our organization, but underneath there lies deeper meaning.  To “return” means to “come back”, presumably to a “former position”.  But for many of us, we may ask ourselves “what or who was I before left for military service?”  This can be a challenging question, especially since some of us joined to escape our improve our circumstances in life.  Additionally, military experiences often transform who we are forever.  The process of coming back, or returning, we believe, concerns transitioning.  Life is filled with changes, but transitions are particularly unique in that they compel us to adapt to life on a deeper level, and integrate our experiences.  RVDV’s mission is to help veterans discover how to do this more effectively, create mutual bonds of trust and friendship, and deal with practical challenges.

RVDV is an East Bay veterans’ organization created by returning veterans in the Bay Area who recognize the need for a strong and mutually supportive community.  By coming together, and inspiring hope in others, we create friendships and become the starting point for a less distressing and more productive transition back into the world after military service.

Our mission is to facilitate discussion meetings, create space for mindfulness and healing, cultivate friendships, and celebrate of our cultural bonds.  RVDV believes that by caring for this transition, individually and collectively, we unlock our potential for leadership and service in our community – which provides a boundless sense of mission within our own lives.





We Value

Human Dignity

Supportive Community

Health & Healing

Integration & Wholeness



Loyalty & Fidelity