Returning home from service in Iraq, it took awhile for me to realize that the fitting in thing wasn't happening.  There were weeks at a time when I couldn't leave the house.  Returning Veterans of Diablo Valley found a counselor for me They said, 'You want to be with this guy'.  They picked me up and drove me to appointments several times.  They basically just listened patiently to me, took me out to eat, and made me feel like it was OK.  I wasn't broke to a degree that couldn't be fixed. Michael, Iraq Veteran, U.S. Army
Because of RVDV reaching out to help support and guide me in my educational endeavor, I was able to attend UC Berkeley's HAAS School of Business. They linked me up with the Cal Veterans Group, as well as transfer and mentor programs that gave applicants like me a leg up during the admissions process. Their mentorship and advice complimented my own hard work at community college - and they helped me to best represent my potential as a returning military veteran. Howard, Iraq Veteran, U.S. Army
I opened up my Contra Costa Times this morning and initially saw the story about RVDV but when I glanced at the photo, I realized it was my son that you were assisting. I no longer know how to help him without becoming a helicopter parent, or maybe worse, an enabler. I am hoping that he finds what he is looking for among those who share similar stories. - Noel's mother Noel, Iraq Veteran, U.S. Navy
Returning Veterans of Diablo Valley's "Welcome Home" event helped connect me to employers of incredible interest.  It was fascinating to know what kinds of opportunities await me as I'm about to graduate from college.  With employers like Google and FBI showing up to provide instant resume feedback, it was extremely valuable for someone in my position. RVDV Update:  Since shaking hands with the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office in this picture, Stephen went on to become a sheriff's deputy in the county. Stephen, Marine Veteran